At Aqualine, we have created a business model bases on wellness instead of illness.

The information on health that we receive from the government and mainstream media is largely driven by information received from the pharmaceutical industry; even the World Health Organisation is largely pharmaceutically driven. In this way pharmaceutical drugs and public health are intertwined, and we tend to view our health as being dependent on pharmaceutical treatments, especially when we are in poor health, but how many of us ask questions about the causes of our ill health, or think about ways of improving our health when we are in seemingly good health, or even how healthy our hectic lifestyles are with all the added pressures of the modern world. How many of us have the time or mental space to ask these questions, and why would we when that is what the health care system is for? How many of us think about wellness? Here at Aqualine, that is all that we do.

At Aqualine, we strive to provide our customers with information that they would not typically receive in the mainstream media. We have a focus on wellness, not illness. Pharmaceutical treatments can be lifesaving, but are not always necessary. Pharmaceutical treatments tend to address the failings of the human body, instead of working with the ways in which the body heals itself. Instead of addressing the cause of illness, pharmaceutical and surgical treatments address symptoms. At Aqualine, we often liken this approach to a situation where your car starts to make a strange noise while you’re driving it, and you turn up your car radio to drown out the noise; the problem with your car doesn’t go away, but the symptom, the strange noise, is no longer detectable, but eventually greater damage to your car will be done, damage that has the potential to be irreparable. Just like with a car, we need to address the cause of the problem with our health, the cause of the illness, and not just the resulting symptoms. To truly improve health, a holistic approach is required. Pharmaceutical treatments, which often come with unpleasant side effects, are an option, and in some cases a necessary one, but there are other ways to improve health and wellbeing too.

Sometimes pharmaceutical and surgical treatments save lives, but sometimes these treatments are used before other options have been explored, wellness options, methods that improve health, even before the point that illness has set in. After all, prevention is always better than the cure. Perhaps the focus on pharmaceutical treatments arose from the industry’s ability to generate money, and boost the economy; we live in a capitalist society, and there is a benefit to solutions that also support the economy. However, this can become a problem for health when the solutions for illness only originate from one source, and in the case of the western world this is the pharmaceutical industry, which appears to have a monopoly on health. The remedy to this however, is very much in the spirit of capitalism, the free market, and competition, whereby the most effective treatments at improving health and curing illness would become the most popular. This could potentially open up the possibility of treatments without harmful side effects to those who benefit from wellness treatments.

At Aqualine, we strive to promote wellness through the ways in which our carefully selected products can improve health and wellbeing. We feel a great sense of satisfaction from hearing how our customers have experienced the health benefits our products provide. Improving health and wellness can often reduce the need for reliance on pharmaceutical treatment, and we do all that we can to make these benefits known to as many people as possible, to compensate for the lack of information on this topic disseminated by the mainstream media. However, the media is slowly starting to catch up on its reporting surrounding health and wellness. Essentially, we want our customers to know that prevention is better than the cure, and that investing in health and wellness is crucially important for longevity and improved experience of life, after all, we only get one chance at this.  We hope to help equip our customers with the best tools for building strong, healthy minds and bodies, and this is what drives us to do what we do, because health is the ultimate wealth.

At Aqualine, we focus on wellness, not illness, because addressing wellness helps to prevent illness.