Harvia Precut Sauna Room (96" x 108" x 84")

Harvia Precut Sauna Room (96" x 108" x 84")
Harvia Precut Sauna Room (96" x 108" x 84") Harvia Precut Sauna Room (96" x 108" x 84") Harvia Precut Sauna Room (96" x 108" x 84")
Harvia Precut Sauna Room (84

Harvia Precut Sauna Room (84" x 96" x 84")

Harvia Precut Sauna Room (96

Harvia Precut Sauna Room (96" x 120" x 84")

In stock - We have quantities of this item in our warehouse.The item is currently on order from the manufacturer. This is due to arrive into our warehouse in 4 weeks' time.

Precut interior sauna packages are standard in western red cedar for horizontal installation.
Warranty: 5 Years

Delivery: Delivery expected between 5-10 days

When you factor in any kind of sauna, one thing that might put you off a home build is the size. However, with a Harvia pre-cut sauna room you can easily have the dimensions laid out in front of you. This lets you know exactly what kind of size of sauna room you would be able to fit in at home, making it much simpler for you to realistically fit in a sauna room.

With our Harvia pre-cut sauna room selections, too, you can easily make a wise choice based on the sizing that you need. This 96 x 108 x 84 red cedar sauna room has all of the space and structural style that a modern sauna would need. 

Install one today, and you should have the kind of high quality fitting that you would have expected when you first conceptualised the idea of having a home sauna installed. 


  • 1" x 4" Western Red Cedar Wall & Ceiling Boards
  • Assembled 2" x 2" or 2"x 4" Benches
  • Prehung 2' 0" Fir Door With Clear Glass
  • K10G Heater With CG170 Griffin Control
  • Stones
  • 0301K Wood Thermometer
  • 102N Bucket With Liner
  • 106/40 Dipper
  • 079 Headrest
  • P5511 Wall Light
  • Foil
  • Nails
  • SD12 Superdek
  • Heater Fence
  • Vents

Heater Specification

  • Voltage: 240V 1 Phase or 208V 3 Phase
  • Phase 1 / 3
  • Amperage: 41.7 / 27.3 Amp
  • Power: 10 kW
  • 132 lbs stone capacity
  • 388-600 min - max. cu.ft. sauna room
  • HEATERS HAVE 5 YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY when installed according to Finlandia specifications and wiring information
Please Note: Heater Model K10G-U1 digital control panel is CG170-U1. For heater K10G-U3 digital control panel is CG170-U3.
*The floorplan sizes signify interior stud to stud measurements and bench widths. Any of these layouts may be modified to fit your needs. All rooms are made per order.
More Information
Number of Seats8
Number of benches4
We are so confident in the quality of our products and that you will be satisfied, so if you are not happy with any aspect of your sauna when it is arrives, you can send it back for a full refund.

Preparation for FPC Sauna Package:

  • Frame room to desired size using wood or metal studs. Our T&G boards are nailed directly to the wood frame. Metal studs require drywall and 1x2 (3/4" thick) wood nailing strips.
  • Lower ceiling to 7 0" from finished floor.
  • Frame door rough opening to 26" x 82" for standard 2' 0" door.
  • Frame in an upper and a lower vent box with rough opening of 4" x 10".
  • Install rough electrical for Sauna heater, wall light, and wall control (if applicable). Single gang rough in for wall light should be 78" from the floor or 6” below the ceiling.
  • Insulate all walls and ceiling with R-13 fiberglass batt insulation.
  • Install waterproof floor of tile, vinyl, or cement. A drain in the Sauna is optional for residential but is recommended for commercial use. FPC Package does not include a solid surfaced floor.
  • Finish the exterior Sauna walls with drywall or some type of paneling. Finlandia does not provide exterior paneling for FPC packages unless it is requested.