Harvia Rubic Saunas

Harvia Rubic Saunas

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A message from the future

The Rubic sauna range unites metal, wood and glass and creates a harmonious whole. The sturdy metal profiles in the corners give the cubical sauna a designer finish. There are rectangular panel sheets above the black wood board of the side and back walls. Choose the material of the panel sheets and the interior panelling from heat-treated aspen or alder.

Glass is used in the front wall. Metal detail that express the style of the interior have been installed in front of the windows. The metal foot ledge on the lower part and the adjustable mounting legs protect the walls and structures of the sauna from the humidity on the floor.

The alliance of the materials is continued on the interior as well. The metal strips of the Futura benches bring a message from the bold combinations of the future saunas. The stainless steel strips have been embedded into the edges of the benches. The same line is continued on the light fittings and heater guard. The interior features modern slim battening. Select the material for your Futura sauna interior from aspen, abachi, alder, or heat-treated aspen.

Topclass Combi heater in your Rubic sauna provides a steamy and moist sauna bathing experience. The heater is controlled by a new digital Griffin Combi control unit, which allows you to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting of your sauna. The control unit is stylishly embedded in the metal corner profile. A stone wall is also included and mounted behind the heater.

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