Harvia Variant Saunas

Harvia Variant Saunas

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Variant saunas are customisable to fit any location Contact the Aqualine Saunas Team to discuss our bespoke design, supply and installation service.

Create your own oasis

If you ask people to describe a genuine sauna, the chances are that their description is more or less identical to a Variant sauna. This range is the epitome of a genuine Finnish traditional sauna, both inside and out.

The basic layout of the Variant sauna is ample and provides you with the opportunity for a variety of different arrangements. The Variant sauna is also the most flexible of our sauna designs; you have four options for wall and ceiling panelling, and you can choose the windows and the tone of the doors that best match your personal taste.

You can choose the interior design of your Variant sauna from four stylish alternatives. A Variant sauna is completely insulated and, therefore, very energy efficient.

The Variant sauna represents the modern Finnish sauna at its best. The benches, as well as the sauna interior, are designed ergonomically and following original Finnish sauna traditions.

The benches, headrests and backrests are made from easy-care abachi wood as standard. The bench wood is elegantly rounded. High-quality bench design and soft sauna lighting guarantee an aesthetic environment.

You can choose spruce, pine, aspen or alder for your Variant sauna's wall and ceiling panelling. Spruce panelling is slowly grown, healthy and a tough Finnish softwood with sound knots that enliven the surface. Spruce secretes very little resin, and the wood retains its light colour for many years.

Pine panelling is made of pure pine board that has a slightly red tinge. Its looks improve with age, and it darkens beautifully as the years pass. The faint fragrance of pine resin resembles clean pine forests.

Aspen is a traditional sauna material because of its characteristics. Aspen's light and even colour is long-lasting and creates a fresh atmosphere inside your sauna. Alder has a refined shade of red which deepens with age. It's slightly variegated and easy to care.

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