Home Infrared Sauna – Benefits Over A Traditional Sauna

Are you thinking about purchasing a sauna for your home? If so, there is a lot that needs to be considered. One of the main decisions is whether to go for a traditional sauna or a home infrared sauna. Read on to discover the benefits that are associated with the latter.

The difference between infrared saunas and traditional saunas is the way in which they are heated, with the former being heated via infrared ceramic heaters and the latter with a wood burning element or an electric stove. This leads to many differences between the two. One of the main reasons why people are purchasing infrared saunas is because they are energy efficient. If you use an infrared sauna for 30 minutes a day, it should only cost you around £4. However, with traditional home saunas, you can expect them to cost four times the amount of this. Traditional saunas can also cost more for the initial outlay, as professional wiring and fitting will be required. Infrared saunas also cause you to sweat out more toxins. With a traditional sauna, you can expect to sweat out approximately three per cent toxins and 97 per cent water. With an infrared sauna, on the other hand, you sweat out roughly 20 per cent toxins and 80 per cent water. Infrared saunas are also suitable for virtually everyone, providing great benefits for the elderly, injured and young, which is why physicians often use them in their work. Finally, infrared saunas only take about five minutes to heat while traditional saunas can take about half an hour.

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