Home Sauna Heater – Reasons To Stay Away From Carbon Heaters

Selecting a type of sauna is only half of the battle; another important decision is determining what kind of heater to go for. There are many different options at your disposal. Nevertheless, one option you should certainly stay away from is carbon heaters. Read on to discover the drawbacks associated with this home saunas heater.

One of the many reasons why people stay away from this type of heater for their home saunas is because of the toxic chemicals that are present. You can find all of the following used in the production of carbon heaters - barium, boron, zinc, aluminium, iron, lead and styrene. If that wasn’t bad enough, carbon heaters are responsible for giving off a high level of Electromagnetic Radiation. When contrasted with other options, such as ceramic heaters, carbon heaters are not as efficient. You only have to move a small distance from the heater and you will find that the warmth drops considerably. What this means is that the heater simply warms the air as opposed to the body. You also have the drawback of requiring a much higher temperature to induce sweat production, which will in turn cost more money. This is because a thermostat must be used to control the elements. Last but not least, many people have complained about the fact that their saunas become very difficult to clean because it is tough to remove sweat stains from the elements when a carbon heater is present.

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