Sauna Control Panels

Need to stay in total control of your sauna experience? We understand why. At Aqualine, we want to make sure that any sauna that you buy from us can be easily controlled from outside of the sauna. When the heat builds up and the steam is so thick that you can barely see in front of you, having outdoor controls is very useful. This avoids not only the risk of not being able to stop an incident, but also ensures that someone outside the sauna can always be there to help you if/when needed.

By investing in one of our sauna control panels, you’ll make sure you always have an added promise of safety. Make sure that you look through all of our sauna control panels and pick out one that is compatible with your heater. Some of our heaters use a specific control panel, so please check with us if you are unsure about what you can/cannot use with your chosen heater. This will ensure that you can get panels that you can use on the heater itself, or a panel that is used separately from the outside.

Please check what we have in store and don’t hesitate to ask us if you need any more information. Buying the right sauna control panel is essential to making sure that it will work correctly with your heater. Ask us if you need any information, or if you would like more details about any of our sauna control panels we have in stock.