When you are going about making any kind of blended product, one thing you might notice is the air pockets that build up. This can really ruin the taste and leave you with something that feels really unblended. It can feel quite horrible to try and chunk when chunks are still floating around, or when the ingredients seem to be totally overpowered by one another. If you would like to avoid that issue, then you should look to buy one of our new tampers.

What are tampers? They are used to help you make sure that you can stop the air pockets we mentioned from forming. When this happens, it can leave your smoothie overly powered by one ingredient, and nowhere near enough from another. Uneven tastes are just part of the consequence of doing this. We recommend that if you wish to avoid that problem that you look to use our tampers to your advantage.

When put to good work, a tamper can make sure you are left with the fullest, richest, most enjoyable taste that is possible. So, if you want to start making A-grade smoothies that turn out A-OK, take a look at our tampers for assistance.