SaunaMed Lumina Infrared Saunas EMR Neutral™

SaunaMed Lumina Infrared Saunas EMR Neutral™

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Modern European design, the stunning glass and wood finishing’s on the Lumina infrared sauna range is the ultimate in style and craftsmanship.

Our Lumina Sauna Range uses the Finest Grade Non-allergenic / Non-toxic Canadian Hemlock. All the glass used in these saunas is tempered and toughened safety glass. Energy efficient highest spec 100% pure FAR infrared ceramic sauna heaters are used.

Our Hemlock sauna cabin is the perfect choice for people who have sensitive skin or allergies and cannot tolerate aromatic oils, perfumes or herbs. Furthermore, its contemporary light wood finish will soften any room.

The state of the art digital control panel includes an advanced internal thermostat, automatic timer function which allows control from inside and outside of the sauna.

Included free with this sauna range is a top specification media system, air oxygen ioniser system, adjustable air vent, reading light and colour therapy unit.