Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas

Far Infrared saunas are the next generation of health beneficial saunas that were adapted from the original Finnish steam saunas. Both use heat for cleansing and purifying, but infrared saunas are cheaper to run and easier to maintain. This makes infrared saunas an excellent choice to have in either your home or business.

All SaunaMed infrared saunas are built with the finest grade, non-allergenic /non-toxic Canadian Hemlock, or hand-selected, finest grade A Canadian Red Cedar in a solid tongue-and-groove construction. The precision quality of our saunas gives you the confidence that our rigid, solid sauna will be able to stand the wear and tear of everyday use.

We use a double cladded, wall section to utilize a cavity space that plays an important role in retaining the heat produced by our infrared sauna. We also use thick, tempered, safety glass to additionally aid in the process of heat retention, so that you have the best infrared therapy conditions possible. The insulation in SaunaMed saunas allow them to be run at a lower cost to you than other saunas that are on the market, they are compact and best of all they are easy to assemble.

Aqualine Saunas chose to represent the SaunaMed brand because it is the highest quality product on the market today. They have a solid wood (cedar and hemlock) construction, state of the art electronics, and non-toxic glues and finishes. SaunaMed saunas also have extras that aren’t usually found in basic sauna lines (lighting, Kenwood CD/radios systems, and tempered glass).

SaunaMed saunas are compact, easily assembled, and will reach the heat level you need in just a few, short minutes. To run, they only need to be plugged into your standard, household electrical outlet. You can even put them in any room of your home thanks to their specially, designed base that won’t damage your floor.

Most importantly of all, SaunaMed saunas have passed strict, quality management tests to earn industry certifications that you know you can trust.

All our infrared saunas are classed as Far Infrared saunas, which is the most beneficial infrared treatment for your health.

Our infrared sauna designs are unique to the SaunaMed brand and cannot be found with any other supplier, even though their product may look similar.

Aqualine Saunas also offer a great selection of traditional Finnish steam saunas and sauna heaters and sauna stoves.